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Marvel's Avengers

We're fighting for Wakanda in Marvel's Avengers new expansion on today's GR Live

War for Wakanda launched yesterday and brought Black Panther to the game.

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Yesterday marked quite a significant day for Crystal Dynamics action title Marvel's Avengers, as it was the release day for its massive expansion War for Wakanda. Bringing the King himself, Black Panther, and the new jungle biome of Wakanda, this free update is set to be a rebirth of the game, as it looks to head into its second year with a fresh look.

With all of this new content to look forward to, we're going to be heading out on a Wakandan journey on today's GR Live, to see what the expansion is bringing to the table. We'll be going live at the usual time of 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST at the GR Live homepage, for two hours of gameplay.

Be sure to drop by to see this new expansion in all of its glory, and for a teaser of what is to come, be sure to watch the latest trailer for War for Wakanda below, as well as an interview we did with several members of the voice acting cast.

Marvel's Avengers

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