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King Arthur: Knight's Tale

We're fighting for Avalon in King Arthur: Knight's Tale on today's GR Live

Join us as we look to send the once noble King of Camelot back to the grave.

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After a few different delays, the NeocoreGames tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight's Tale officially left Early Access and received its 1.0 update at the end of April. The title sees players suiting up as the usurping knight Sir Mordred as he is tasked with once again heading out on the very same quest that once took his life: killing King Arthur all over again. Regarded as a dark fantasy retelling of Arthurian legend, the 1.0 version of the game has brought the full storyline, and a variety of improvements and other new content to chew through, and to this end, we're going to be jumping into the game on today's GR Live.

That's right, starting from the usual time of 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST, our very own Rebeca will be suiting up as Mordred and will be heading out into the world of Avalon to find the once noble king, all to put him to rest for certain this time. If this seems like the sort of gameplay that is up your street, be sure to join us at the GR Live homepage when we go live.

Until we do start, check out our thoughts on King Arthur: Knight's Tale in our review here, and catch this cinematic intro for the game below.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale

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