Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

We're facing all manners of monsters in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance on today's GR Live

Join us for a couple of hours of the cooperative action brawler from Tuque Games.

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Last week, Tuque Games launched its cooperative action brawler Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, as a title that came to Xbox Game Pass on day one. Set in the world of D&D and following four iconic heroes as they venture into the frosty landscape of Icewind Dale, this game pits players against all manner of fantasy monsters from the D&D universe, such as frost giants, Beholders, and White Dragons.

We're going to be checking out the game for ourselves for two hours at the GR Live homepage, starting from 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST, where Ben will be hosting and braving the icy winds in the hope of some powerful loot.

To see what we thought about the game, be sure to read our review of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance here, and take a look at the launch trailer below to get a taste of the action that awaits you later today.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

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