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Hard West 2

We're exploring a dark take on the American West in Hard West 2 on today's GR Live

Join us for an hour of Ice Code Games' recently launched turn-based strategy title.

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Just yesterday, developer Ice Code Games launched its sequel to CreativeForge Games' turn-based strategy game Hard West. Known simply as Hard West 2, this title takes players to a dark, supernatural take on the American West, one where a dangerous and powerful train regarded as the Ghost Train, which is operated by a nefarious villain called Mammon, strikes fear into the eyes of the unfortunate folk that call the region home.

With the game only launching yesterday, we're going to be jumping into the first hour of Hard West 2 on today's GR Live, where our very own Rebeca will be hosting from the usual time of 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST at the typical place of the GR Live homepage. Be sure to join Rebeca to catch some gameplay, and also be sure to read our review here, to see what we thought about the game as well.

Hard West 2

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