Scars Above

We're diving into Scars Above on today's GR Live

Join us as we check out Mad Head Games sci-fi action game.

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Today is the global launch date for Mad Head Games' Scars Above, a sci-fi action title that takes players to a hostile and unsettling world, where they must navigate, document, and most importantly, survive, all in an attempt to get back home to Earth.

With launch being here, we're marking the date by making Scars Above the focus of today's GR Live, where our very own Rebeca will be hosting and looking to explore the opening hour of the title.

And ahead of the stream starting, which you can find at the GR Live homepage from the usual time of 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET, you can see our opinions on Scars Above in our review right here.

Scars Above

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