Hitman 3

We're checking out Hitman's Freelancer mode on today's GR Live

Join us as we explore a whole new World of Assassination.

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Late last week, Danish developer IO Interactive launched a huge update for the Hitman series. It brought all three of the most recent Hitman games together under one banner, known as Hitman World of Assassination, and also saw the subsequent launch of a new game mode that asked players to get even more creative with their assignments. This is called the Freelancer mode.

The idea of Freelancer is to take on contracts and then travel all around the world securing intel and information all so that you can properly plan out and execute your hits, all with very limited help from Agent 47's former agency. Needless to say, it's a step up in challenge over what Hitman 3 most recently brought to the table.


And to see how Freelancer plays out in practice, we're going to be jumping into the game on today's GR Live, where our own Rebeca will be hosting and looking to play an hour of the new mode, starting from 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET, all at the GR Live homepage. Be sure to drop by to see Rebeca get her hands dirty as a contract killer.

Hitman 3

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