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Farming Simulator 22

We're checking out Farming Simulator 22 on today's GR Live

Giants Software's latest simulation title is out today.

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Today marks the release day for the latest simulation title from Giants Software. Farming Simulator 22 is bringing back the iconic series, with the aim of expanding on existing traits and then also serving up some new features for aspiring farmers to explore, including seasonal cycles, more machine categories, and new crops.

While we're currently working on our review of Farming Simulator 22, we are going to be diving into a couple of hours of the simulation game on today's GR Live stream, where Rebeca will be suiting up and taking to the fields to begin her journey of creating a farm in one of the three locations available.

We'll be going live at the usual time of 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET, at the typical place of the GR Live homepage, so be sure to drop by to check out how this installation into the series stacks up to its predecessors.

Until we kick off, be sure to also watch the gameplay trailer for Farming Simulator 22 below, to get an idea of what we'll be up to when we go live.

Farming Simulator 22

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