3 out of 10: Season Two

We're checking out 3 out 10: Season Two on today's GR Live

Join us, as we play through a bunch of the latest Epic Games Store free game.

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We're back for another GR Live stream later today, and this time around, we're going to be checking out 3 out of 10: Season Two, the latest Epic Games Store free title. Designed as a comedic single-player adventure experience, this game is based around a fictional game developer who is trying their hardest to create a video game that scores higher than 3/10.

As per usual, you can find us on the GR Live homepage starting from 3pm BST / 4pm CEST, for two hours of fun. Today's stream will also be hosted by Rebeca, so be sure to drop by to say hello, and to catch her thoughts on the recently released game.

3 out of 10: Season Two

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