Phantom Blade: Zero

We'll be playing as a dark fantasy John Wick in Phantom Blade: Zero

The game director gave us some interesting story information in our interview.

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At Summer Game Fest, we sat down and played Phantom Blade: Zero, and afterwards, we got to interview the game's director, Soulframe Liang. Liang gave us plenty of details about the game, including the Kung Fu inspirations for Phantom Blade: Zero's combat.

Something he also spilled the beans on was the game's story. Liang did his best to keep his cards close to his chest, but he couldn't help explaining some core details about the story and the protagonist.

"Our hero is a tragic hero with very limited days in his life for some reason," explained Liang. "So this 66 days left thing has some relationship with game mechanics but I wouldn't say here and now, I'll leave it as a secret. The story will be very dramatic because every single choice, every single encounter ... the love and revenge and everything will become so dramatic and so urgent because you don't have so much time left. You have your own business to deal with you have something left, you haven't finished something. You feel very urgent, you're in a hurry to do something before you die."

Speaking a bit more about how the protagonist comes across in the game, Liang had the following to say: "The main character is a dark hero. He has something dark inside him and he was the best killer in the organization but now he has rebelled from the organization. So he has been chased down by his old colleagues so he's kind of like John Wick or something like that but he's hunted down by the old colleagues and also the old enemies. All the parties want to kill him so he's just trying to survive and do his business before he dies."

It sounds like an action movie of our dreams rolled into a video game with flashy swordfighting. Check out our full interview below as we look ahead to Phantom Blade: Zero, in development now for PC and PS5.


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