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We'll be in Paris for the Six Major this weekend

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Fans of Rainbow Six: Siege esports will no doubt be aware that this week the Six Major in Paris has been taking place, seeing 16 of the top teams from around the world face off for a prize pool of $350,000 USD, and this weekend we're flying out to Paris ourselves to cover the event as it really heats up.

We say that because the 16 teams have been whittled down to just eight after the group stages wrapped up, meaning that the quarter-finals are the next stage in the competition. To remind you who these teams are though, we've compiled a short guide for you below, and you can see who faces who and when to watch them in the handy little infographic picture.

G2 Esports - Formerly known as Penta Sports, this roster is widely considered the best in the business when it comes to Rainbow Six: Siege, taking home a lot of Pro League trophies as well as the Six Invitational earlier this year. Perhaps the favourites to win the whole thing, they advanced top out of their group with a 2-0 record, and have started well.

Millenium - They took down Evil Geniuses in the DreamHack Austin final to seal that trophy, and although they've had their share of success, they're no doubt considered underdogs against G2. Their solid performances in the past, like with the Pro League Season 7 finals, however, means you can't rule them out.

Rogue - The North American organisation have also had a good time in the group stages, advancing 2-0, and have had their share of success in North America. Perhaps it's time for them to make it count on the international stage, as they're relatively evenly tied with Obey Alliance, another North American rival.

Obey Alliance - This team looked solid in the qualifiers for the competition, and while they started shakily in groups, they won back-to-back to secure a quarter-final position. They've seen a fair few roster changes this year, which seems to have helped them in the form, and it'll mean a lot for both Rogue and Obey to face off against each other.

Team Vitality - The French team is no stranger to the scene, and the veterans will no doubt be eager to win after getting so close and being runners-up in DreamHack Valencia and Coupe de France. Considering they didn't perform well at the Six Invitational either, they'll be looking to prove themselves in this international event.

Team Secret - Having only recently acquired the roster of I Don't Know (IDK), the surprise winner of DreamHack Valencia (even having to beat the former Penta squad in the process), Secret were ones to keep an eye on going into the competition. Despite a loss against Rogue in their group, they're still ones to watch, and have proved themselves already.

Evil Geniuses - A team we've profiled before the competition, since they were bootcamping in Copenhagen, it seems they've not forgotten their grand final loss at the Six Invitational earlier this year. They're one of the top teams in the world, and the North American side have a lot to prove here, especially since they've also missed the mark at DreamHack Austin.

Ninjas in Pyjamas - Having only announced their roster a few months ago, this new team are doing very well, using players from Brazilian side Black Dragon Esports. While they've lost to G2 already, the team still looks strong, proving that in previous competitions, and is another side looking to make a name for themselves on the international stage.

You can watch all the action on Twitch starting tomorrow, and of course stay tuned as we'll be providing you with plenty of video content from the tournament as it progresses.

Who will win each match?

Rainbow Six: Siege
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