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Welcome to Gamereactor

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We've been busy over the last few months, working behind the scenes to create a new-look website that we think you're going to really enjoy. It's not a wholesale departure from what's come before, but there has been numerous refinements made, and we'd like to take this opportunity to walk you through the new layout. Here goes...

Welcome to Gamereactor

Multifunctional, Multi-language

Welcome to Gamereactor
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Gamereactor has an online presence across Europe, with outlets based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy and Spain. The websites of any of these territories can be accessed via the links located at the blue bar along the top of the page.

We're also plugged into all the social media you'd expect. You can follow us Twitter, "Like" us on Facebook, catch the news via our RSS feed, and access exclusive GRTV content via YouTube (top right alongside languages).

On the main grey bar, you can access sub-pages for News, Previews, Reviews, Articles, GRTV content and our Community features. If you prefer platform specific content, just click on your preferred format, and non-relevant information will be filtered out.

The Best New Content

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Welcome to Gamereactor

As before, the best new content will be upfront and centre; easy to identify and even easier to access. This where you'll find the latest reviews and previews. In short, this is where the action is.

Welcome to GamereactorWelcome to Gamereactor

We're committed to delivering the latest breaking news from across the industry and major stories will be highlighted on the site, meaning you can keep track of the biggest headlines with greater ease. You can also easily identify the most popular games currently featured on the site, so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

A Growing Community

Welcome to GamereactorWelcome to GamereactorWelcome to Gamereactor

As ever our community features continue to grow. From the front page you can access the latest Blogs, from both staff and readers alike. You can post thoughts and comments direct to Gamereactor's front page via our Live feed. Got something more substantial on your mind? You can write direct to us: Reader's letters can also be found on the main page.

Welcome to Gamereactor

Then there's Gamereactor Nation. Here you can create your own individual profile; link it to the games you love, make friends, track your own activity on the site, plus post your own blogs and user reviews.


Welcome to Gamereactor

We've now included a place where all the best content from recent weeks can be located. Just because it's not brand-spanking new, doesn't mean it's not a good read. The best articles can be found in our new highlights section.

Welcome to Gamereactor

The same goes for our GRTV content. We've a team of dedicated editors working hard to bring you the best interviews, previews and gameplay trailers from across the world of video games. If you prefer your content to come in motion picture form, this is where the best recent video content can be found.

On Your Terms

Gamereactor isn't just a website, there's a plethora of ways that you can access the latest news, reviews and previews. We've made it easy to get great content "on the go" via our iPhone and Android apps, and you can also sign up for our regular iPad magazine (like everything else that we do, it's entirely free) as well as accessing huge range of content via our Smart TV app.

Welcome to Gamereactor

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