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Welcome to E3

We run through what's on when, and what you need to know on Gamereactor's dedicated sub-site.

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Welcome to E3

There's definitely a taste of the sweet and sour leading up to E3.

There's no denying the buzz and expectation mounting for this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, even more so than previous shows. All eyes are on the publisher conferences, which kick off tomorrow with Microsoft stepping up to the world stage at 6pm GMT.

The Conferences

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There's a lot of questions, and a lot to see. The past week has been a flurry of opinion pieces, rumour, speculation escalating in a 24 hour period on Friday in which Microsoft has been condemned from multiple corners over its strategies for DRM and pre-owned. There's genuine question as to whether it can bounce back from such bad press come its conference - will watchers be able to see the great games expected on the stage for the red in their eyes?

It's doubtful Microsoft will address these issues at all, and instead leave the stage free to concentrate instead on the fifteen exclusives they've secured for their new console. Will we at least get a date for the console's release?

Sony will be debuting the PS4 console at its conference, after teasing the build with a short video a few weeks ago. The company will also likely go big on games, and build on the selling point that the console's developer and gamer friendly (should we expect a few digs at the competition?). Hopefully Sony won't forget PS Vita either.

Dropping a proper conference this year and instead going for a more intimate event alongside a new Nintendo Direct, the Wii U creator has the biggest question mark hovering over it of all the big three this year. While Nintendo 3DS is on fire at the moment with so many great titles, the company's fortunes aren't so rosy when it comes to their latest home console. Nintendo need to deliver a confident mission statement and a host of Wii U titles to pick up steam after the rocky post-launch months.

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Konami have already shown their E3 wares this past week, but we've also got to see what EA are demoing (the expected Battlefield 4, Need For Speed and EA Sports line-up will be rubbing shoulders with a first look at the company's Star Wars plans and there's ongoing teases, from retail sites and the original developers themselves, that Mirror's Edge 2 could be on the cards). Outside those new console showcases, and after one of the best conferences of last year, expectation is massive for the team at Ubisoft to deliver something unexpected. While 2012's darling Watch Dogs will get more space alongside Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, does the publisher have more surprises up its sleeve?

We'll be streaming the conferences right here on Gamereactor, so you don't need to leave your seat. Here's the times and links you need to bookmark.

June 10th

Microsoft Conference | 5.30pm GMT

EA Conference | 9pm GMT

Ubisoft Conference | 11pm GMT

June 11th

Sony Conference | 2am GMT

Nintendo Direct | 3pm GMT

Directly after the conferences we'll be talking to some of the developers and publishers in attendance, and be updating our GRTV thread as those interviews go live on the site.

The Show

With the conferences concluded, we're straight into the show itself. Alongside interviews with the developers, we'll be taking a look at what's swallowed the show floor this year, with a walk around the publisher booths, as well as write-ups from hands-on as well as some unannounced stuff we'll be seeing for the first time when we get to LA. There'll be daily GRTV Updates to let you know what we've seen and expect to be seeing that day.

While our editorial team's getting the latest word from the front lines of LA, we'll also be hosting all the trailers and newest screens that will be coming out of E3 right here.

There's no better place to stay in touch with everything coming out of the world's biggest industry event - so keep yourself bookmarked on our dedicated mini-site, and if you're on the move, why not download our Android and iPhone Apps so you're constantly updated of all the news, previews and videos from E3?

It's going to be a great event. Hope you join us for it.

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