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Realm Royale

Weekly Realm Royale tournaments starting this week

Today sees Skillshot's tournaments kick off.

Battle Royale esports have been a mixed bag in the past, as for the past year and a half (since the explosion of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds popularising the genre) we've seen a ton of initiatives, be it ongoing leagues like the H1Z1 Pro League or isolated invitationals like those for PUBG. Even Fortnite has got on board with its Summer Skirmish series (although it didn't start too well this past weekend), and now Hi-Rez is launching something similar for Realm Royale.

The Realm Royale competitions, as revealed on Steam, will be hosted by YouTuber Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem and Skillshot Media, split between different days of the week and featuring influencers and Master ranked players alike.

On Wednesdays we'll get tournaments hosted by Skillshot, seeing over 30 Duos from Europe and North America fighting it out over 10 games, five of which are on NA servers, and the other five on European ones. Duos can't double up on classes, and poitns follow those of golf, in which lower scores are better, with teams receiving positive points based on placement as a team in a match, with each elimination taking one point off of their score. Another identical tournament from Skillshot will also start next Tuesday, July 24, as well.

Keemstar's competition will run on Thursdays though, with Duos again from both Europe and North America competing, this time hosting all 10 games on NA servers. The points system is the same though, so the lower the score the better.

You can follow all tournaments on Twitch and Mixer and keep up with all the action on the Realm Royale esports site. As for the future though, the Steam post says "we look forward to more announcements involving additional third-party tournaments in the near future," so it seems these competitions aren't the only things esports fans have to be excited about.

Which competition will you be watching?

Realm Royale
Photo: Hi-Rez Studios

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