War Thunder

Weekend tournaments unveiled for War Thunder

There are plenty of prizes at stake.

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Players of War thunder have been invited to participate in the latest additions to War Thunder tournaments this weekend, across Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator game modes for tank and air combat.

Furthermore there are also a huge selection of aircraft and tanks will be available, with four new tanks available to use in the tournament. These are the Tiger II, Sla.16, T-34-100, and the Stev. 81, and for the first time in Arcade mode air tournaments, the formidable German Messerschmitt Bf. 109G-2/trop fighter will be available as well.

Prizes vary a lot depending on the type of tournament you're signing up for, but they include thousands of Golden Eagles. To register to participate, click here, where there will also be more information available.

Would you like to see more war-orientated games in esports?

War Thunder

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