Wednesday (Netflix)

Wednesday's Thing attended the BAFTAs

The reanimated hand dressed up for the annual awards ceremony.

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Just a couple of days ago, the BAFTA TV Awards took place. The annual award ceremony looked to celebrate the best in television over the past year, and considering the massive success of Netflix's Wednesday, it only made sense to see a member of the cast in attendance.

But while you'd expect Jenna Ortega to be the star in attendance, Netflix instead sent the real A-lister from the show, the reanimated hand, Thing.

The strange hand ended up walking the red carpet for the event, and as can be seen in the images shared by BAFTA on Twitter and in the video posted by Reddit user Carnegie_Deli, everyone wanted a photograph with Thing.

As Wednesday will be returning for a second season, this will hopefully not be the last time we see Thing dressed up and walking the red carpet.

Wednesday (Netflix)

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