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This is the Police

Weappy talks corruption in This is the Police

Given recent events, the narrative-driven strategy game's release is timely.

We've already previewed This is the Police and it's a game we're definitely looking forward to playing through when it launches on July 28. It's also a timely release, with parallels easily drawn between police corruption in the real world and what you're tasked with doing in the game.

"You know, it's really easy to get this sort of coincidence, because instances of police corruption, or malpractice, happen all the time," game director Ilya Yanovich told Vice. "It's happened a lot here in Belarus, but police not doing their job properly is an international thing that we see happening all the time. We're in a situation right now in the United States, and some parts of Europe, where it seems more highlighted, that things happen more frequently; but I think it's generally just a massive problem, a big issue, worldwide."

Having played the opening of the game, we were left with the distinct impression that it was set in North America. The United States, or possibly Canada at a push. Not just because of the voice work by Duke Nukem VO artist Jon St Jon, but because of the art and design of the city. However, the studio insists that this isn't the case.

"The time the game's set in is the mid-1980s, and we're trying not to be too specific about where it's happening, as we didn't mean for it to give the impression of being in the United States. We started to develop the game before these reports of police brutality started coming out of the United States, as regularly as they have been. We knew we wanted to make it as universal as possible, so we have no clear signs about what country this is. There are no flag, nothing like that."

As we've noted previously, there's a moral greyness to the game that should throw up plenty of thought provoking decisions.

"Pretty much the whole game is about choosing between bad and bad. It's hard to tell what level of evil any direction is, sometimes; although it's less about different levels of bad, and more different kinds of bad," Yanovich told the site.

A new trailer landed for This is the Police along with the July 28 release date, check out the trailer below.

This is the PoliceThis is the PoliceThis is the Police

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