We will be "blown away" by Josef Fares next game

The excellent It Takes Two only released last month.

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It Takes Two was released in late March to much acclaim from both press and gamers. We really enjoyed it as well whith it's fresh and innovative take on co-op gaming. But it seems like the developer Hazelight is already deep in production on their next title, and the Swedish studio-founder and out-spoken Academy Awards-hater Josef Fares seems to really believe in what they are doing.

In an interview with Push Square, he says that the next game will in fact be even better than It Takes to and blow us away:

"If you ask me about our next game, I can tell you now, it will be even better than It Takes Two. It's gonna be so crazy. That's how sure I am, like the concept, what's gonna happen, and people will be blown away."

Fares also explains his motivation when developing games and says this about the challenges he faces along the way:

"I'm driven by the passion for making games. Every game has its challenges. The next game's gonna be great. With that said, I will be up a lot of nights. It's like, every game takes a bit out of your soul. Not in a negative way, but, there's so much in Brothers, A Way Out, and this game, there's so much going on. Testing, trying different things, art — you put your heart and soul into this. But I never question if we're doing a good or a bad game. I still think Brothers, A Way Out, and this are great games, to be honest. And obviously, that's the public feeling as well.

What I'm trying to say is, if there's a problem like there always is during production, you twist and turn and do everything you can to fix it, but I never lose trust in the vision of the game."

Considering Fares' and Hazelight's previous games, we'll surely be there next time as well, as we're fairly sure it will be something we've simply never seen before.

We will be "blown away" by Josef Fares next game

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