Rainbow Six: Siege

We talked to the finalists at the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

Winners Penta Sports and runners-up GiFu.

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Before the semifinals started at the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League tournament we managed to steal both European teams away for a little chat.

We met with the Danish player, Niclas 'Pengu' Mouritzen, from Penta Sports, who was quite confident that they would bring home the gold.

"Well coming into this whole thing it really started with a dream and we were just five normal guys just playing video games. And all of a sudden we realized we are okay, we were alright."

"We've been doing some statistics on Twitter ect. and we do seem to be the fan favourites and we do have the best statistics along with a good loss/win ratio. And we have zero losses on record. So I definitely think we are favourites."

While the finnish team GiFu were a bit more hesitant to actually hope for the title to be theirs.

"I didn't even expect we would make it to the Pro League in the first point"</i>, said Mikko Mutanen (aka. ProtaX).

"These guys are like basic Finnish. They don't believe in themselves. I need to constantly tell them that we can do this! Like this morning I said 'Come on guys! We are going to win this whole tournament. What are you guys doing and thinking?'", team captain Niklas Ojalainen (aka. Willkey), said cheering for his teammates.

Both teams eventually fought their way past the American teams in the semifinals and secured an all european final that would showcase just how awesome these two teams are. In the end Penta Sports took home the gold and the honor of becoming the first ever Rainbow Six Siege Pro League champions.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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