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We talk to Thunder Lotus Games about Sundered

After a successful Kickstarter the beautiful metroidvania game is scheduled for release in July.

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We caught up with Thunder Lotus Games' Rodrigue Duperron at PAX East to learn more about their gorgeous looking metroidvania adventure Sundered.

"Sundered is a horrifying fight for survival and sanity", says Duperron. "It's a replayable metroidvania where you play Eshe. You wander in a ruined world trapped in these caverns and beset by eldritch horrors. The goal of the game is to decide whether you're going to co-opt their evil power for yourself and become stronger or resist it. So our tagline is resist or embrace."

The conversation also touched on just how the procedural nature of the game meshes with the metroidvania style progression, the visual design, multiple endings among other things.


Sundered is scheduled for release in July, something that Thunder Lotus seems very firm on, and it's coming out on Steam and PlayStation 4. There is an exclusivity period on console, but they appear open to the idea of bringing it onto Switch (and presumably Xbox One) if an opportunity appears.


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