The Inner World: The Last Windmonk

We talk about The Inner World 2 with Studio Fizbin

Developer talks to us about the upcoming adventure sequel.

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Developer Sebastian Mittag talked us through what we can expect from The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk at E3. It's the sequel to the first The Inner World game, and it is due out in September.

"I would describe the Inner World as an interactive story", says Mittag. "A puzzle game where you solve different kinds of puzzles, you meet crazy characters. You can switch between three of your heroes, which is Robert, Laura and Peck, and Peck is a pigeon so you can also fly around. And Robert has a flute-nose so he's a very special character and he can play songs on his flute-nose and make some wind and can influence old artefacts all over this very special world which is called Asposia."

The conversation also went into the approach to puzzles and challenge, as well as more on the peculiar nature of Asposia, as well as how closely the two games are connected and whether players need to have played the first to enjoy the second.


As with the original The Inner World, The Last Wind Monk is heading to a wide range of platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox One and mobile.

The Inner World: The Last Windmonk

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