We take to the open road in the Porsche Cayenne in the latest episode of EV Hour

Join us as we put the electric car through the ringer.

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As part of our EV Hour video series, we've had the opportunity to get behind the wheel and to test one of Porsche's latest electric efforts. We've hopped in and belted up in the Porsche Cayenne to see how this model feels when out on the open roads and in the Danish countryside.

Our very own Magnus has put the 260 kW engine through its paces, tested the all-terrain wheelbase, and all while getting the chance to play around with its 12.6-inch curved display and its various passenger and central infotainment systems.

Needless to say, with a lot on offer, you'll definitely want to check out the latest episode of EV Hour to learn more about the Porsche Cayenne and to see what it's like when out and about.


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