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Forza Motorsport

We still don't know when Forza Motorsport will launch

Turn 10 showed new gameplay, but didn't provide a firm release date.

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We were promised further news and information relating to Redfall, Minecraft Legends, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Forza Motorsport, and the Xbox Developer Direct is showing up in these regards so far.

As part of the show, Turn 10 has shared a whole batch of new gameplay and additional details for Forza Motorsport, including that the game will have over 500 cars at launch. But what the developer didn't reveal was the exact release date for the game, as instead we're simply told that it will debut later this year.

Be sure to jump into Forza Motorsport when it arrives sometime in the future, especially if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription, as the game will be included on the service on day one.

Forza Motorsport

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