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The Outer Worlds

We sampled The Outer Worlds at TGS in Japan

Obsidian's RPG was there to sample at the event, and we tried it out once more ahead of its launch next month.

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We've played The Outer Worlds already this year in Munich (check out our preview text here), but Obsidian's RPG was also on show at the Tokyo Game Show, so we gave it another try in Japan to see what else it had to offer.

As a result of this we have almost 20 minutes of gameplay to share below, showing you an early portion of the game. Here you can see us interacting with various characters and testing out the dialogue system, as well as seeing the customisation options available and - as expected - getting into some fights.

At Gamescom we found out that The Outer Worlds provides a "player-driven story", and we only have to wait until October 25 to check this out.

Have you had your eye on The Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds

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