We preview the Xbox Games Showcase on the latest The Gamereactor Show

What do we expect the big summer showcase to include and what do we hope to see? Find out in the latest podcast.

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We are heading into the weekend with one last goodie for you to check out. With Microsoft confirming the official date and time of the Xbox Games Showcase this June, we've dedicated the latest episode to previewing that major event and what we hope and expect to see making an appearance.

We discuss the more predictable and clear offenders of Fable, Clockwork Revolution, Gears 6, Avowed, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, and a few others, but also touch upon some more speculative ideas, including what Bethesda might have in store otherwise and how the Xbox show might connect with other shows (as was the case with Star Wars Outlaws last year in the Xbox and Ubisoft shows).

We also discuss what we expect to see from Activision Blizzard at the show now they are part of the Xbox Game Studios family, and share some thoughts on Call of Duty, how it will fit in, and where that game series is in the current era.

Otherwise, we as usual lose track of things to discuss the recent damning report against The Rock, and the wild allegations made against the actor.

You can find the latest episode of The Gamereactor Show podcast either below, or at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music/Audible, or Spreaker too.

We preview the Xbox Games Showcase on the latest The Gamereactor Show

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