Helldivers II

We ponder whether Helldivers II can recover on the latest episode of Gaming Gossip

We look back at the crazy developments that took place over the past few days.

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Up until Microsoft and Xbox decided to shut down four of its development studios, Sony was the major publisher that had made the biggest controversial decision so far this May, when it decided it wanted to force PlayStation Network access on its Steam Helldivers II community, locking the game away from those in regions where PSN is unavailable. This led to the mother of all uproars and then backtracks, which you know doubt are familiar with now.

Touching on this absolutely crazy turn of events, we've asked the question of whether or not Helldivers II will recover from this incident on the latest episode of Gaming Gossip. Ben, Alex, and David come together to talk about the whole situation, why Helldivers II will or won't be fine in the future, and likewise why this situation brings to mind several other conflicting and important conversations in the games sector.

Be sure to watch the latest episode of Gaming Gossip below.

Helldivers II

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