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We played with Fade, Valorant's Agent that comes with a game-changing patch

There's a huge patch coming to Valorant this week, which includes Fade and interesting changes in the metagame.

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In the past few days we had the chance to test the new content that is coming to Valorant with the new patch 4.08 this week and the beginning of the Episode IV: Act III. This update includes a new Agent, Fade, the new skins collection RGX 11z Pro, a new battle pass and interesting changes in the metagame for Agents like Sova and Jett.


After the release of Neon, the Sonic-like duelist, earlier this year, Riot Games decided it was time to expand their Valorant's roster of agents. During the VCT Masters Finals of Reykjavik, the company fully unveiled Fade with some gameplay where we could see how this Agent spreads terror amongst her rivals. The new Turkish Initiator and her prowlers track down and hunt their enemies through the power of nightmares and darkness.

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Just like Camille, the League of Legends champion, Fade's "Seize" ability locks her enemies in a circle they cannot leave. Besides, her skills allow her to blind, track down or deafen other Agents. Her game style is similar to Sova, as she focuses on identifying where the enemy team is located, but, unlike the Russian Agent, she needs to be closer to her target. This can be very useful in situations where you need to rush into any place, detect the opposing team and track them down easily so they can't escape.


Valorant Episode IV: Act III also comes with a new battle pass that includes a new collection of .SYS skins and a more realistic variant of Coalition: Cobra. Besides, one of the goals of this new patch is to allow the community to reflect all their memes in-game with new player cards, buddies, and other accessories. On the other hand, the new RGX 11z Pro skins collection is designed for true gamers who want to personalise their weapons with some LED lighting.

One of the most controversial issues Valorant has been facing recently was the balance of certain abilities. This patch will come with some nerfs for Agents like Sova, who will see reduced the duration of the drone and his marking dart. To compensate, his "Shock bolt" will deal more damage to the enemy team.

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But the most controversial change in this update will probably be Jett's "Tailwind" rework. In order for the Japanese Duelist to use this dash, now she will have to activate it first, and then she will have a 12-second window to use it and move to the desired location. This will have consequences for Jett players, given that now they will have to think twice before performing certain offensive plays.

To sum up, this new patch not only brings fresh content to the game with a new Agent (Fade), but also affects the metagame. Who knows, maybe these changes will allow players to explore new compositions and strategies. Also, the increasing number of Agents in Valorant opens up more and more possibilities for the players to develop new game tactics. We'll surely be following how this new act evolves.

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