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The Inpatient

We play Supermassive Games' The Inpatient for two hours

The VR game is set in the same universe as Until Dawn.

Supermassive Games' Until Dawn was very well-received when it came our way in 2015, and after some other spinoff sequels on PSVR, the developer is back with The Inpatient, a narrative game set in the same universe but 60 years prior to the events of Until Dawn, with the same amount of mystery and terror.

We played the game for two hours on our livestream yesterday, and if you're a fan of watching people get spooked by VR horror games, or just want to see how the game stacks up to its predecessor, then check out the whole thing down below.

If you've got time after that, why not check out our review as well?

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The Inpatient

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