Fairy Tail

We now know three more heroes headed to Fairy Tail

The JRPG is releasing in March next year, and the roster has just had a few more names added to the list.

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Gust and Koei Tecmo have revealed some new characters that Fairy Tail fans can experience on March 19 for Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4, which is when the JRPG will let players build a five-hero team from the roster of over 15 playable characters from the world of the anime.

These new characters are Jellal Fernandes from Crime Sorcière (who uses Heavenly Body Magic); the 'Drawing Card' of Fairy Tail - Mirajane Strauss; and the 'Thunder Dragon Slayer' and grandchild of Makarov, Laxus Dreyar.

Bonds will get stronger as you progress, and special conversations play out as they get closer, including original dialogue you can only experience in this game. Better bonds also allow for enhanced attacks too, as well as progressing the stories of individual characters and accessing new battle skills.

The Digital Deluxe edition of the game will feature a Grand Magic Games costume, a bonus Lacrime set, and a DDX Limited Ryza costume for Lucy too.

Which character are you most excited to see?

Fairy Tail

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