We now know the three regional finals for FIWC Season 3

This will all lead into the London Grand Final.

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The FIFA Interactive World Cup's upcoming regional finals will determine who will be participating in the next Grand Final, and we now know the dates and locations of these regional finals.

Eight players have already qualified for the Grand Final in London after stellar performances at the Fifa Ultimate Team Championship in Berlin, to decide who'll be joining them, the European regional final will kick things off in Munch, Germany, from June 9 to 15, with 10 grand final qualification seats on the line, and then the Road to London will take us to Doha, Qatar, where four grand final qualification seats will be up for grabs. The last event with be the Americas regional final, with eight qualification seats available, although more details on this will be announced at a later date.

The FIWC's winner this year will received $200,000 USD as well as an invite to the Best FIFA Football Awards to meet some stars of the game, so there's every reason for players to bring their a-game in these finals. Who can lift the trophy though?

Photo: FIFA

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