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We learn more about Pode from Henchmen & Goon

A cooperative Norwegian adventure for the Nintendo Switch.

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We first saw Pode at the recent Nindies Direct showcase and at PAX East in Boston we caught up with Henchmen & Goon's Linn Søvig to learn more things about the cute co-operative puzzle game that's heading first to Nintendo Switch.

"It's a coop exploration puzzle game", says Søvig. "And it's also very heavily influenced by Norwegian art and culture. So you get a very distinct art style out of it. Our game director, Yngvill Hopen, is also an art director as well, so you notice that she's had a visual style all along through the whole game."


Speaking about the platform choice Søvig had this to say:

"We started developing about three years ago and the Switch wasn't known at that time. But I think it became very evident, very early on, that it was a console game. And I mean console really work really well in the living room. So we've always pretty much thought of Xbox and PlayStation, maybe Wii U. But then the Nintendo Switch came and it was like 'oh my GOd, this is perfect for us'. And what we noticed as well when we started working with Nintendo Switch and porting the game to it, we found that it wasn't actually as hard as we thought it was going to be. It's just been such a perfect fit and Nintendo have been so warm and kind to us, as well. We want to make sure that we get out on the Nintendo first, and then later on we'll be looking at Xbox and PlayStation and PC."


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