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Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

We learn more about medieval but mecha-filled Warlander

The free-to-play MMO will gather 100 players in third-person battles and we talked with its director at Gamescom.

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Not to be confused with Clock Drive's 2020 same-namer, Plaion announced Warlander earlier today, and at this very moment we can tell you more after talking with director Yoichi Take at Gamescom. Here's the overall description of the imminent third-person free-to-play MMO:

"When first coming up with the idea for Warlander, at the time we already knew that there are plenty of games in the MOBA genre, in the battle royale genre, in the multiplayer shooter genre, etc, etc. We thought: there's already plenty of these games, there's already enough people content with it. And we wanted to make something that would be like the next big thing two to three years after we started development. That's what we aimed for with Warlander, and specifically we wanted to make a game that would make players who enjoy hack and slash games [happy], so like using a sword and shield and fighting up close and personal, as well as players who like to shoot things, who like to fight from a distance".

You can play on (wink, wink) the full interview for more on how players can collaborate, the setting including mechas in a medieval fantasy world, and more:


Warlander invites players to siege others' fortress starting Monday, September 12 with its open beta on PC. It'll also release on consoles in the future.

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