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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

We get the full details on Modern Warfare's Spec Ops mode

Operations will be open experiences for up to four players, while Missions will have a tigher focus.

We already knew that the Survival mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Spec Ops would be exclusive to PS4 for a year, but there's plenty else to talk about with Spec Ops, which is why we have a new intel drop from Activision and Infinity Ward, dedicated to this section of the game.

This is available on all platforms, and is "reimagined" - just as the campaign is - as a series of connected Operations featuring a new threat, assembling players into teams of four to play through multi-phased objectives, fitting in with the overarching story of the game.

The largest of the Spec Ops experiences take us to the city of Verdansk for Operations, and killstreaks will even be there as well as a vehicles like tanks and helicopters. There will also be a variety of enemies as well, like the armoured Juggernaut.

Objectives range from neutralising targets to locating intel, and Operations focus on taking down the Al-Qatala army. Four of these are coming at launch, with more multi-stage Operations coming after release on all platforms simultaneously.

Alongside Operations are Missions, which can be played alone or with up to four players. These are narrower experiences testing weapons, killstreaks, and other tools, featuring rankings between one to three stars. There'll even be an Infinity Ward Time to beat as well.

When you complete Spec Ops content, you can receive rewards for your time, and cross-progression means the items and equipment can also be used in multiplayer.

Speaking of multiplayer, Operations should be familiar in the sense that the Operators, loadouts, and progress all carry over. That said, the roles are specific to Spec Ops, picking from Assault, Recon, Engineer, Demolition, Medic, and Heavy, with each coming with a specific perk and field upgrade. Before starting an Operation you can also choose a Munition as well, similar to killstreaks, although they're located at a random point in the map.

Survival Mode, however, is the timed exclusive for PS4, seeing up to four players fight in one of three multiplayer maps, fending off waves of enemies.

Are you expecting good results from Spec Ops?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCall of Duty: Modern Warfare

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