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We get the details on "sci-fi action-RPG" Dolmen

At GDC we spoke with programmer Gabriel Ferreira about the game and the narrative we can expect in this alien world.

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Dolmen is a game with a lot of influences, as programmer Gabriel Ferreira said when we spoke to him at the Game Developer Conference (GDC), including Dark Souls, Alien, and more. It was here that we got the scoop on what the "sci-fi action-RPG" is all about in terms of the narrative available to us.

"We're actually building a whole narrative and story over this planet, and what happened over there, because you're this scientist, this explorer, and your ship crashed on this planet, and you're looking for your crew because you woke up from cryogenic sleep. You hear this voice, this alien voice," Ferreira explains.

In the full interview below we also hear about the take on Dark Soul's combat style, more hints on the story, and how the project has been funded, so take a look at that if you're interested in this game.

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