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Yoku's Island Express

We get an in-depth look at Yoku's Island Express

We caught up with Villa Gorilla for 25 minutes of Switch gameplay.

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Platforming pinball adventure Yoku's Island Express is coming out later this month across a wide range of platforms, we sat down for a 25 minute look at an early section of the game on Nintendo Switch with Villa Gorillas' Mattias Snygg and Linus Larsson (on the controller). We're given pretty speedy playthrough up until Yoku, the titular dung beetle, delivers a message to one of the island chiefs and we also got a look at the exploding slug mechanic. The conversation covered lots of ground about the development and the design of the game, so as the weekend is approaching fast, grab a bag of popcorn and huddled up in front of this rather exclusive gameplay look at the game.


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