Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

We could be getting more of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth's Queen's Blood

The positive reception for the mode could lead to it being heavily featured in an expansion.

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Considering Final Fantasy VII: Remake was expanded with the Intergrade chapter based on Yuffie, it doesn't seem bizarre to think that Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth could also get an expansion at some point down the line. As per what this could be about however, the massive positive reception that the new Queen's Blood card mini-game has received could lead to it being heavily featured in an expansion.

Speaking with Red Bull of all people, game director Naoki Hamaguchi has specifically stated that the card game could be expanded further in the future.

"We haven't decided anything in terms of future development for Queen's Blood, but so far, the media who played it have provided very positive feedback on it, so we want to consider further expansions as a possibility."

Do you think Rebirth should be expanded with a Queen's Blood expansion or would you like to see more of a narrative focus as was the case in Intergrade?

If you've been having a tough time with Queen's Blood, don't forget to read our helpful guide for the mode here.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

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