We check out Stela gameplay with SkyBox Labs

Producer Aubrey Tennant gave us a glimpse of the upcoming PC and Xbox One platformer that reminds us of Inside.

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We caught up with SkyBox Labs' producer Aubrey Tennant at the ID@Xbox event in San Francisco during GDC to learn more about their upcoming cinematic platformer, Stela. Reminding us of games like Inside, Limbo, and Little Nightmares, SkyBox Labs are doing some things a little different.

"What we wanted to do with Stela was to stay true to cinematic platformers, but also have depth and scale to it", explains Tennant. "What I mean by that is in our puzzles we try to incorporate as much foreground and background elements as we possibly could, as well as, a lot of time with cinematic platformers the protagonist is often a kid or a human with a smaller frame. We wanted to make our character adult so we could pull the camera back and get much more scale of the environment and see much more. We tried to use that with our puzzles as well."

SkyBox Labs are taking a fairly open approach to storytelling and players will have to interpret and figure out the meaning of what happens on their own. Check out the video below a look at a barn environment and a more wintery scene.


Stela is set for release on PC and Xbox One later this year.


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