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We chat with Two Tribes about their big finale Rive

The team arrived for Gamescom after having had to work overtime on the PS4 submission.

Dutch indie studio Two Tribes is winding down operations as Rive will be their last release (due out on Steam and PS4 in September). We got a chat with self-proclaimed "industry dinosaur" Martijn Reuvers.

"I'm pretty happy," says Reuvers. "And I'm very proud of what we've made and I think this will be a good good-bye to the industry, I hope at least."

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"We used to play a lot of these 90s type shooters like R-Type and Gradius, but also Metal Slug," says Reuvers of the inspirations for Rive. "Those type of games formed us in a way in the 90s and we always wanted to make a game like that."

Rive will see release on PC (Steam) and PS4 on September 13, and hopefully it will also be released on Wii U this year. An Xbox One version depends on whether the game sells enough to carry the extra costs involved with an Xbox One port.


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