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Guns of Icarus: Alliance

We caught up with Muse Games to chat about Guns of Icarus

Alliance is heading to PS4 next month with cross-play and cross-chat features.

Guns of Icarus Online and Guns of Icarus: Alliance has kept Muse Games busy over the last few years and then some and we caught up with team lead Howard Tsao and PS4 engineer Matthew "Queso" Niederberger to learn more about the state of the game and the launch of the PS4 version (May 1).

Tsao went on record saying that the release on PS4 is a "big thing" for the team. "Making cross-platform work between PS4 and Steam and adding voice-chat so people can play in the same match and talk to each other between Steam and PS4," said Tsao.

Speaking of the work that has gone into the PS4 port, Niederberger had this to say:

"Performance took a ton of time, just making the game was running smoothly on the PS4. The menus and the UI you wouldn't necessarily expect them to be too bad, but when we've been designing the game so long for PC we get into habits, like 'yeah, you just click it with the mouse' and 'oh no, now we have to navigate to it with the controller' so if our menus are all over the place we kind of have to consolidate them a lot more in unexpected ways."

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Guns of Icarus: Alliance is available on Steam and launches on PS4 on May 1.

Guns of Icarus: Alliance