We catch up with Headup Games and their 2019 line-up

From The Textorcist, via Dead End Job, and Silver Chains to Colt Canyon and Everreach: Project Eden.

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German indie publisher Headup Games is having an incredibly busy 2019. They've already released bullet-hell typing game The Textorcist and miniature model point-and-click adventure Trüberbrook (on PC, consoles later this month), but they've also got some larger titles in the works like Dead End Job, Silver Chains, Vambrace: Cold Soul, and Everreach: Project Eden. Add to that some smaller, even "more indie" titles like Colt Canyon, Safety First, Windscape and others, and it's easy to see why CEO Dieter Schoeller is struggling to mention all of them in the interview.


For more on Silver Chains and Dead End Job, check out the videos below:


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