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Rainbow Six: Siege

We catch up with Evil Geniuses ahead of the Paris Major

The team has been bootcamping in Copenhagen.

Evil Geniuses' Rainbow Six: Siege team are one of the best in the business, but have missed out on big titles this year, like the Six Invitational, which may be why they've been in Copenhagen before this week's Paris Major to bootcamp ahead of the competition.

We've paid the team a visit while they've been in their preparations to hear about what they've been up to and their mindset ahead of the Major, so if you want to hear about what they're thinking, how they dealt with the grand final loss against Penta in the Six Invitational, and how they like Denmark, take a look below.

To remind you, the early stages of the Major are already underway, but we'll be heading to Paris for the later stages to see the action unfold as teams like G2 Esports (formerly Penta), Millenium, Liquid, and of course EG battle it out. We can't forget that on Sunday we'll see the full reveal for Operation Grim Sky as well, bringing two new operators and a map rework into the game too.

Who can win in Paris?

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