Quantum League

"We cannot commit ourselves to a release date" says Nimble Giant co-founder on the Quantum League console versions

Andres Chilkowski: "But, the game is running".

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Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Andres Chilkowski, the co-founder and chief creative officer at Nimble Giant, a small studio who recently created the time-paradoxical FPS Quantum League. We talked about the inspiration for the game and how the team managed to create the challenging yet unique time-bending system, but also about the console versions of the game.

When asked about how progress is going on the development of the console versions, Chilkowski told me; "The truth is that the pandemic had an impact on our development capacities to work on the console versions. At one point of time, we had the game working on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch, but since we had to move out of the office."

Chilkowski continued saying, "The truth is that all of the dev kits are here, and we can't even legally take them out to our homes. So, as we are a small studio, we decided to focus on the PC version and deliver on that promise, and then we're kind of looking at the results for the release and seeing what kind of opportunities we have on console. But, the game is running, but we are not sure when we can commit ourselves to a release date, so we will have news hopefully soon on that matter, but I can't confirm."

If you'd like to check out our interview with Chilkowski in full, you can catch the full video below. And for more Quantum League content, be sure to check out our thoughts on the game over here.

Quantum League

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