WB Games is about to get broken up

The powerhouse consisting of 11 studios will be split up.

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There was a lot of talks that AT&T was about to sell WB Games last fall, but in the end, they decided to keep it. It turns out for less than a year. AT&T and Discovery has now revealed a merger to form "one of the largest global streaming players", and as a result they will sell off and split assets, while also retaining some.

This is confirmed to include WB Games, a powerhouse consisting of 11 studios; Avalanche Software, Monolith, NetherRealm, Rocksteady, TT Games, WB Games Boston, WB Games Los Angeles, WB Games Montréal, WB Games New York, WB Games San Diego and WB Games San Francisco.

Which assets that will be sold in the end remains to be seen, but we assume Microsoft will be mentioned in the speculations. We could however also imagine that Amazon, Embracer, Epic, Sony, Take-Two and more might be interested in some of them.

WB Games is about to get broken up

Thanks, Yahoo Finance.

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