Wave Esports partners with Red Bull

It will help Wave expand into other competitive scenes, but will also see the organisation's Valorant team better supported.

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Wave Esports has announced that it has partnered with Red Bull, in a pretty massive move for the organisation, which isn't even one-years-old. The partnership will see Red Bull assist Wave in further growing its Valorant team that has made an impact on the European scene, but it will also help Wave in expanding into other competitive games in the future.

"From the very beginning, it was a goal of ours to work with Red Bull. Achieving this just before our company turns 1 year old is a great accomplishment for us and we are very happy that Red Bull believes in us", said Ivaelo Bozhilov, CFO and Head of Partnerships at Wave Esports. "We are ready to prove what we can do with Red Bull and establish a long-lasting partnership and we are looking forward to closing more partnerships throughout this year!"

As Wave Esports was only founded in 2020, landing a partnership with Red Bull this early is pretty monumental. As the year progresses and the organisation grows, we'll have to see who else Wave looks to partner with.

Wave Esports partners with Red Bull

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