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Rainbow Six: Siege

Watch us play Siege's new Phantom Sight Operators

We got to try Nøkk and Warden out before their release on the test server, and you can see their abilities in action.

Rainbow Six: Siege's Operation Phantom Sight content has just been revealed during the Pro League Season 9 finals in Milan (in which Team Empire claimed victory), but we also had the chance to try out the new Operators ourselves not too long ago.

If you want to see how defender Warden and attacker Nøkk play in-game then, make sure to check out the video below, which shows you their abilities in action. What's more is that this also gives you a taste of the reworked Kafe Dostoyevsky map, which is getting changed with Operation Phantom Sight as well.

The Operators will go live on the test server on PC tomorrow, but right now you can see what they play like below. Are you impressed?

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Rainbow Six: Siege

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