F1 Manager 2023

Watch us botch Fernando Alonso's Monaco race even worse than Aston Martin did

We've been hands-on with F1 Manager 2023's Race Moments feature.

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A little while ago, I published a preview of F1 Manager 2023, where I delved into the new features in the game and how they are improving and iterating on the formula that Frontier debuted in last year's F1 Manager 2022.

Well if you're looking for more about this very game ahead of its launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on July 31, let us direct your attention to some gameplay that we've just published, which shows my abhorrent attempt to see Fernando Alonso standing on the top of the podium in Monaco.

The gameplay depicts the new Race Moments feature, which literally gives the players the chance to rewrite history by making the necessary changes that teams and drivers failed to do in reality. This gameplay looks at how Alonso could've won Monaco if he chose the right tyres at the right time, something I clearly overthought like the F1 driver and Aston Martin in the gameplay video.


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