Just Cause 4

Watch us battle through Just Cause 4's Los Demonios DLC

We unleashed an ancient evil on Solís last week, and stepped in to rid the land of the parasite pests.

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You know that awkward moment when you uncover some ancient ruins and it happens to unleash an ancient evil insect swarm? That's the worst, and Rico Rodriguez knows that feeling all too well in the Just Cause 4 DLC Los Demonios, which plunges parts of Solís into a hellish nightmare filled with parasites.

We got to see these parasites up close and personal when we tried the new content on our latest livestream, but if you missed our attempts at mopping up the mess then have no fear, as you can rewatch it all below in our livestream replay.

Have you tried Los Demonios yet?

Just Cause 4

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