Dark Souls III

Watch this YouTuber playing Dark Souls with a Ring Fit

Sometimes you've just got fight some monsters with a Ring Fit in your hands.

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If you thought that the Souls games were challenging enough - well you're not wrong - but some people are always trying to push the limits of gaming and make them even harder. Here's one such YouTuber, Super Louis 64, who is now attempting to beat Dark Souls III using a Ring Fit as a controller!

It is quite fun to see him running around trying to avoid getting hit and trying to get further in the story, and we must say he is doing a great job, as you can see for yourself right here.

He hasn't done it yet, but he promised that once he is done with this challenge, he'll reveal all. Keep going Louis, and when you're done, we would love to see you do it on Death Stranding!

Dark Souls III

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