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Ghost of Tsushima

Watch the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay presentation here

After watching last night's gameplay presentation, players should have a fairly good impression of the new game from the Infamous developers.

Last night Sucker Punch shared an 18-minute long in-depth look into their upcoming action game Ghost of Tsushima. Exploration, combat, stealth gameplay, customization options, and different game modes were detailed in the latest video, so we have a fairly good impression by now. However, the fact that the developers held back this show until just two months before the actual release has somewhat raised the bar of many fans expectations, but if you imagine a Ubisoft-type open world set in feudal Japan, you should have a decent idea of what we'll be playing on July 17.

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First off in the video, the isle of Tsushima was introduced. Various animals and eye-catching landmarks in the environment draw our attention to interesting places that could be worth a look or two. We will travel by horse or on foot and can pick up different types of materials on the way. Presumably, the stuff we catch might be incorporated into our arsenal later on (for example, to refill arrows). We can come across aggressive wild animals and fortified camps while travelling, which introduces small mini-missions to us, similar to what we see in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Fast travel will also be possible.

While Sucker Punch emphasizes precision and mastery of the martial arts, we saw many well-known elements in the combat part of this presentation. Countering attacks will play a major role in the battle, as well as quick strikes and parrying close-range or ranged attacks with our samurai sword. In terms of stealth, Ghost of Tsushima is reminiscent of Batman's Arkham series, since we have numerous gadgets at our disposal.

The character customization has shown that Jin's gear supports different play styles with various bonuses. We can visually adjust the armour by picking up flowers on the way that are needed for colouring purposes. In order to capture the beautiful setting of feudal Japan in its visual might, an optional black and white Cinema Mode can be used for playing, in addition to the photo mode.

Ghost of Tsushima

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