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Fast X

Watch the first Fast X trailer

Vin Diesel goes up against Jason Momoa while Brie Larson takes on Michelle Rodriguez. Oh, and we're treated to some insane stunts.

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The Fast & Furious saga is closing in on the end of the line (or quarter mile), as Fast X arrives on May 19. We all know what ending something usually means: a whole load of nostalgia. That will also be the case in Vin Diesel and crew's tenth mainline racing movie judging by its first trailer.

Universal has as promised delivered the first official trailer for Fast X, and it's safe to say it's filled with references to the previous movies. Not that it's just about going down memory lane, as we also get to see plenty of Jason Momoa's portrayal of the new baddie, Brie Larson's rogue the Agency representative and a whole load of absolutely crazy stunts. Needless to say, the fans will apparently get more of what they want in three months.

Fast X

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