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Rainbow Six: Siege

Watch the finals of our Rainbow Six: Siege PS4 Tournament

Check out both the semis and finals right here on Gamereactor as we sort out the best from the rest.

It's finally time to settle old scores and conclude our very own Rainbow Six: Siege PS4 Tournament, where teams from across the Nordics are coming together live on Gamereactor tonight to battle over some exclusive goodies.

Mixed teams including Maze, BlueFrost, and Koskenkorva Gønnars are up against Finnish outfits Immersive Gaming and Päävynä, and starting at 6pm CEST (5pm BST) they'll be battling it out right here on Gamereactor Live.

So tune in this evening to watch three exciting matches, with both the semi-finals and the finals set to be concluded in one action-packed evening, live right here on Gamereactor.

Rainbow Six: Siege

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